Items from the 1980s

Fisher-Price pull along dog toy

Pull along dog toy

A Fisher Price toy dog called Little Snoopy - with cord for pulling along.

Lemon meringue pie baking mix

Lemon meringue pie mix

This is a box of ingredients to prepare a meringue lemon pie

Coconut slice baking mix

Coconut slice cake mix

This is a box of ingredients to make coconut slices.

Commemorative Plate for Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s Wedding

Commemorative Plate for the Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana 1981.

Mercedes Benz 500K Yellow Toy Car – 1936 model

This is a model car of the full-scale Mercedes Benz 500K.

Unigate milk bottle

Unigate milk bottle

1 pint glass milk bottle from Unigate with an advert for PG Tips teabags.

OXO cube tin

OXO tin

OXO beef stock cubes – Diamond Jubilee Tin.

Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman WMBF 60 Cassette Player/Radio

novelty Victorian fireplace teapot

Novelty teapot

A small pottery teapot designed to look like a Victorian fireplace.

Typewriter ribbon

Tthe ribbon used in a typewriter to supply the ink necessary to make an image on paper.