I.T.M.A. – “It’s That Man Again” was a BBC radio comedy series that ran between 1939-1949.  It first aired just before WWII as the title “It’s That Man Again” was a popular saying whenever Adolf Hitler made a move in Europe.  The title also refers to the main star of the radio show Tommy Handley.  Handley delivered topical and quick-fire jokes supported by actors including Horace Percival, Jack Train, Derek Gyler and Hattie Jacques.

The radio show was not expected to survive during the war but production was moved out of London and continued recording in Bristol.  The show ran for 12 series with the characters & catchphrases from the show becoming very popular.   e.g “Can I do yer now sir, TTFN (ta ta for now) & I don’t mind if I do”

In 1941 & 1943 film versions of the radio show were released starring Tommy Handley.  These proved not to be as popular as the radio show.  The radio series came to an end in 1949 when Handley died.

Cassette tapes were first introduced by Philips in 1964 to record, store & listen back to audio.  This I.T.M.A 2 tape was transferred from the radio broadcast to cassette tape in 1995.

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Date 1930s, 1940s, 1990s
Material(s) PlasticCardboardMetal
Item number MBPO101

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