Goblin Teasmade

The Goblin Teasmade would often be found on the bedside table in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Hoover Junior

Hoover Junior - manufacturers of Electric Suction Sweepers by Appointment to King George VI.

Knitting Doll

The object is a spool, or 'doll' used in French Knitting.

Brass Bell

The object is a vintage brass bell with a cross at the top of the handle

Red Bus Moneybox

This is a child's moneybox in the form of a red London bus.

Model 1927 Talbot Van

This model van was produced by the Lesney company under the Matchbox Brand

Model horse-drawn omnibus by Lledo

This model of a horse-drawn London omnibus was made by the Lledo company.

Model Morris Minor Van

This model van commemorates the 120th Anniversary of The Daily Echo

Model of Morris truck by Corgi

This model truck by Corgi carries the livery of Fosters lager


Original doll from the BBC TV children's series Playschool

Slide Rule

This slide rule was made by the Hemmi Bamboo Slide Rule Company Ltd. in Japan