2001 One Penny Coin

A 2001 copper plated steel one penny coin featuring the head of Queen Elizabeth II

1951 Sixpence Coin

A 1951 sixpence featuring the head of a King George VI

1963 One Shilling Coin

A 1963 cupronickel one shilling coin featuring the head of a young Queen Elizabeth II

Christmas Tree Angel Decoration

A Christmas tree angel decoration to sit at the very top of the Christmas Tree

Vintage syringe

This old syringe might be have been used for medical or vetinerary purposes.


Red and green tinsel decoration

Vintage Record of Christmas Carols

This extended play record of see carols features male voices only

Christmas Biscuit Tins

These colourful tins contained biscuits and were mainly sold at Christmas


This basket ball by Dunlop is a plaything, not a ball for serious matches

Toilet handle with chain

Toilet chain for flushing the outside toilet

Cup and Ball Game

The object is a wooden game with a cup on a handle and a ball on a string