1943 Farthing Coin

A 1943 bronze farthing featuring the head of King George VI

Spinning Top

A child’s metal spinning top decorated with a cowboy design.

The ABBA Annual 1979

This is the second Annual featuring the famous pop group ABBA

Shilling coin

This shilling coin dates from 1948

Hamilton Playing Cards

A box of plastic-coated Hamilton Playing Cards.

Half Crown Coin

This object is an example of a half crown coin. This one was issued in 1963

Motor Fuel Ration Books 1973

The objects are three motor fuel ration books issued in 1973

Weights For Scales

Brass bell weights of various values for use with balance scales

Viking Balance Scales

Kitchen balance scales made from cast iron and brass

Vintage Box of Marmite Cubes

The box displayed is a rare example of a tin for six Marmite cubes

Steel File

Steel file with a wooden handle

Royal Navy Association Badge

Royal Naval Association Badge, worn on the lapel by Royal Navy personnel.

Swimming Cap

Swimming cap in mint green decorated with four leaf clovers.