Theme: Home & Garden


Slinky toy, first introduced in the 1940s

Hair roller

Pink plastic hair roller from the 1960s/70s

Stainless Steel Teapot

A Stainless Steel teapot providing cups of tea for two people.

Christmas milk bottle

Glass milkbottle with printed message about supporting your local milk delivery over Christmas.

Prinz Condor Cine Camera Super 8

Prinz Condor Cine Camera from the 1960’s to film events in any location.

Ewbank Merit Carpet Sweeper

The Ewbank Merit Carpet sweeper helps to keep your floors, rugs and carpets tidy.

Cigarette case

The object is a stylish, slim case designed to hold cigarettes

Vintage travel iron

This iron is a vintage GEC Universal Travelling Iron

Beater for carpets and rugs

This wicker hand-held beater is designed to beat dust out of carpets and rugs.

war time cookery book

Wartime Cookery Book

Wartime cookery book containing recipes based on ingredients available during food rationing


Flat Iron

A smoothing or flat iron used for ironing clothes and household fabrics

darning mushroom

Darning Mushroom

Wooden darning mushroom used to mend holes in clothes and bedlinen


This is a modern BM-800 condensing microphone.