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A vintage hair brush usually a part of a larger matching set of vanity items for the dressing table


Royal Jamaica Cigars, produced by the Jamaica Tobacco Manufacturing Company.

game of Jacks

Game of Jacks

Traditional game of jacks for one or more players comprising several jacks and a ball.

sewing basket

Sewing Basket

Sewing basket with lid made of woven cane or raffia.

coffee pot 1970s

Coffee pot

The coffee pot is part of a range of tableware produced by Royal Worcester in the 1970s.


White metal thimble

A needleworker's thimble in white metal, possibly silver.

dial telephone

Cream coloured dial telephone

A classic telephone of the 1950's-1970's with rotating dialling plate.

Lion Crest Retro Style Tins

Two retro-style tins bearing 'Lion Crest' logo for engine spare parts

Jelly/Aspic Mould

This fluted mould would have been used to set either a fruit jelly or a savoury aspic

Pears transparent soap

Pears transparent soap

Pears transparent soap - Pears is a UK soap brand famous for its whimsical vintage adverts.



A cast iron mincing machine made by Spong in the 1930’s.

1920s butter pats

Butter pats

Butter pats were also known as Scotch hand, butter paddles, beaters, clappers and spades.

Kodak Brownie Camera

Kodak Brownie Box Camera

The Kodak Brownie Box camera is one of the most famous cameras ever produced.

silver Russian salt cellar

Silver salt cellar and spoon

Decorative silver filigree salt cellar with glass dish and silver spoon.


Doily Antimacassar

A green crocheted doily or antimacassar.